Everything you want for a meal prep service

All features 100% designed and tailored to the unique qualities of weekly meal prep services

  • Basics covered

    Create menus, add meals, take orders, get paid, know what to prep/cook/deliver with a glance.

  • Unlimited meals

    Create meals with infinite variation, upcharge for addons, and allow fully custom portion selection.

  • Recipes & Ingredients

    Add and organize unlimited ingredients and recipes, linked to your meals, and auto-tallied for orders.

  • Unlimited locations

    Add any number of pickup or dropoff locations at no additional cost.

  • Meal container labels

    No guesswork required - print meal labels for all your orders with a click.

  • Packing slips

    Print one-page packing slips for all orders with a click, no mail merge or export required.

  • Live Totals

    Use live-updating reports to track totals for meals, customizations, ingredients & more across all orders.

  • Allergens & Diet Filters

    Clearly label your meals with allergens and custom tags for customers to easily filter options when ordering.

... and everything you need in an ecommerce software

  • Clean Design

    Our ordering sites are designed to be clean, functional, and easy to use. They look good too.

  • Safe & Secure

    All our sites are fully encrypted with SSL and continuously monitored 24/7.

  • Mobile friendly

    Our ordering sites are fully responsive and tested to work well on all device sizes.

  • Updates included

    All our plans include regular updates and improvements. We keep on top of technical changes so you don't have to.

Reports for days (or weeks, or months)

Eliminate errors caused by manual calculations or spreadsheet-wrangling. Know where you stand and track growth month to month.

  • Order Reports

  • Meal Totals

  • Prep/Grocery List

  • Delivery Reports

  • Sales by Menu

  • Sales by Month

  • Sales by Location

  • All Time Totals

  • Customer Order History

  • First time orders

  • Driver tips

  • Custom Reports

Discounts, your way

Mix and match from flexible discount types, special promotion offers, and credits-based rewards

  • Automatic Discounts

    Set a discount to automatically apply based on specified conditions.

  • User-Specific Discounts

    Set discounts to only apply for specific customers. Great for employees, partners, and loyal fans.

  • Special Promotions

    Enable time-limited promotions that can auto-issue gift cards based on order parameters.

  • Credits system

    Issue credits to customers that can be used on any order. Great as a refund alternative or a special promotion.

  • Percentage Off Discounts

    Set a percentage off to be applied to the entire order

  • Dollar Off Discounts

    Set a dollar amount off to be applied to the entire order

  • Waived Fees

    Choose to also waive delivery and/or order fees along with any discount

  • 100% Free

    Create discounts that will waive all amounts and fees for an order. Perfect for in-house orders, employees, and one-off customer rewards.

  • Plan-Specific Discounts

    Utilizing recurring meal plans? Choose which discounts can be used on your plans.

  • Referral Discounts

    Enable our automatic referral feature & reward referrers and new customers automatically with discounts tied to their accounts.

  • Time-Limited

    Any discount can be set to never expire or to expire at a specific day and time.

  • Mins & Maxes

    Set min requirements of number of items and/or dollar amounts. Set maxes by item and customer.

But wait, there's more!

Just a few more highlighted features

  • 1-Click Delivery Confirmation

    Send delivery notifications to 1 customer or 100 at a time with a click. Supports email and SMS.

  • Nutrition info

    Add nutrition info to any meal, specify variations for addons, and include links to downloadable fact sheets.

  • Account Impersonation

    Browse the site as if logged in as any customer. Great for placing orders on behalf of customers and other support.

  • Mailchimp Integration

    Deep integration that auto-adds new addresses to your Mailchimp list and tags them as customers immediately after they order.

  • SMS Notifications

    Set auto-recurring order reminders or send one-time blasts. Fully integrated with easy op-in/out controls for customers.

  • Dynamic Macros

    Enables pick-your-own custom prep meals to auto-calculate the macros while your customer builds the meal.

  • Recurring subscriptions

    Offer 1-click repeat orders, recurring auto-fill orders, or credits/points plans.

  • Gift Orders

    Enable customers to purchase orders as gifts for others, using their account info, but different name, address, and gift message.

  • Soft Close Deadlines

    Add "Soft Close" cutoffs to your menus and charge a late fee for orders that come in after.

  • Driver/Staff Tips

    Add a tipping option by checkout and track tips in a separate report.

  • Tiered pricing

    Enable automatic meal pricing that changes dynamically based on quantity.

  • Abandoned cart notifications

    Save otherwise lost revenue by reminding customers that initiated but did not complete checkout.

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