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Offering fresh food on pre-order?

We have the tools and expertise
to save you time and manage online orders!


Providing a fresh food service as a sole owner or small business is hard.

You've got to figure out what to make each week, not knowing for sure what will sell or how much to make.

You've got to continually answer questions like —

  • What will people be in the mood for this week?
  • Will I make too many of one product, and run out of another?
  • Will I spend too much on ingredients or have wasted leftovers?

If you get pre-orders, they're spread across different email accounts and notes in various places, online and offline.

  • Are you sure their order got recorded correctly?
  • What if they don't show up and pay when it's ready?
  • Do you have their contact info (was it on Facebook, in email, or a phone call)?

It doesn't have to be this way

You can do what you do. Let us worry about the tech that powers your business.

We'll get you pre-orders so you can —

  • plan ahead
  • know exactly what needs to be made
  • easily view and manage orders in one place
  • get payments up front

No more guessing at what will sell this week at the farmer's market.

One of our clients started from scratch, using his church's kitchen on the weekends to make meals. He now takes around 100 pre-orders a week and serves over 40 locations!

You can get there too.

We can help.

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