Recurring Subscriptions

Encourage repeat orders with three different styles of meal plans

  • Recurring Orders

    Enable customers to select any prior order and turn it into a subscription that recurs weekly automatically.

  • Auto-Fill Packages

    Enable customers to subscribe to packages you define by meal type or diet. Auto-fills an order for them weekly.

  • Bulk Credits

    Enables customers to pre-pay at a bulk rate for a set of meal credits, and checkout using their credits on any order. Payment is auto-billed on a weekly or monthly schedule, credits can be made to rollover or expire.

Included Features

All subscription options include these features (and more!)

  • Self-Serve

    Customers can sign up from your site, and pause, skip a week, or cancel at any time.

  • Auto Emails

    All activity generates a confirmation email to you and to the customer so everyone's on the same page.

  • Admin Management

    Easily view & manage all your customer subscriptions. Meals & orders even get totaled into your main reports along with a la carte orders.

  • Plan-Specific Discounts

    Offer discounts unique to your subscription options. Have them applied automatically, or require entry of a code.

How it works

It's easy to get started with recurring subscriptions on your Eat•Fresh site.

  • 1

    Choose a subscription style

    Select which of the above options to add to your Eat•Fresh plan. We'll review with you all the configurable options available.

  • 2

    Plan & Setup

    Plan when & how you want to launch your subscriptions. We take care of all the initial setup based on your inputs.

  • 3

    Launch & Monitor

    When ready, launch the subscriptions and inform your customers. We'll monitor closely to ensure the configuration is working well for you and your customers.