Hi there!

Eat Fresh Tech is a small and agile company that's hyper-focused on providing amazing customer service to meal prep service owners.

Here's a bit about us...

We are passionate about supporting the growth of local food services.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to eat fresh, local, healthy food.

So many people want to eat healthier, but don't have the time, resources, or know-how to prepare good food for themselves.

That's where meal prep services like yours come in—and you’re absolutely killing it.

But with that success comes complicated growing pains.

If you’re struggling to manage your business with shared spreadsheets, pieced-together apps and an out-of-date website, you are missing out on well-deserved revenue.

We're building tools that help meal prep services thrive.

Our configurable platform lets you track orders easily, effortlessly keep customers in the loop, and streamline your kitchen prep and delivery processes.

Food service is tough. Attracting and retaining customers is tough. You already have enough on your plate.

Our software lets you focus on what you actually care about - creating quality food that improves the lives of people in your community.

While you're focused on the food, we'll make sure it's super easy for your customers to order and keep ordering week after week after week.

Of course, we're also continuously improving your tool bag as well, with new and improved features released weekly.

We give back where we can

As a small company, our reach may be small, but we still believe it's important to do what you can to improve the world.

Besides making it easier for meal prep services of any size to get healthy food in the hands of people in their immediate community, here are a few other ways we give back:

1% pledge — a mininum of 1% of profits is pledged to non-profits


Ecologi Partner — we donate monthly to support tree-planting projects as carbon offsets for all team members


Vera Collective — we donate monthly to support ocean plastic-reduction projects


Your business needs a site designed for a meal prep service, and you deserve a dedicated partner that understands the meal prep space.

With nearly 20 years of software development experience, and over 7 years devoted to building software, websites, and services for meal prep businesses, we have the expertise necessary to help you succeed.

All of our features have been built to meet the specific needs of actual meal prep companies using our platform.

Your time is money… let us save you $1000s each week with the system designed specifically for you.

The next stage of your meal prep service starts today

Ready to go? We'd love to show you what a difference the right tech can make for your business.